Captain Brodie Merrill Announces Retirement

September 13, 2023


“The time has come for me to retire from the NLL.

I want to thank the Seals organization for treating my family and I so well. It’s been an amazing experience both on and off the floor. San Diego is the nicest city I’ve ever been to, and I appreciated all the support from the Seals fans and the San Diego lacrosse community.

Thanks to my brother Patrick, who is the most relentless person I know and someone I look up to every day. It was an amazing, unique experience getting to do this together. What an awesome job you have done building an expansion team into contender in such a short time.

Thanks to our owner Joe Tsai for bringing lacrosse to San Diego, treating the players so well, and for setting the tone for the franchise with your humble leadership. Lacrosse is lucky to have you. It was always a point of pride for the team and I saying that Joe Tsai was our team owner.

Thanks to Steve Govett for always setting a high bar. There isn’t a person that cares more for the NLL than you. Throughout your career you have been known for treating your players really well and with a different level of professionalism. You exceeded expectations and are a big reason why San Diego has become a destination for players across the league. You give a lot and expect a lot, and that is all you can ask as a player.

Thanks to one of my lacrosse idol’s Josh Sanderson. You brought instant credibility and a sense of confidence to the team. Was always learning from your lacrosse mind and I really enjoyed all in between times with you throughout my time in San Diego.

At the risk of being too long winded, would simply like to thank:

Ben Neeb, Billy Greer, Sean Walsh, Hannah Kosh, Robert Hatch, Tyler Voas, Paul Inga, Mike Grace, Steven Woods, Ben Ives, Bob Watson, Ryan Boyle, and all the support staff. The Seals organization felt like family.

All of my teammates, I can’t adequately put into words how much you meant to me. I look forward to following this team win a championship one day—you are close.

Would also like to express my gratitude for all the owners, GM’s, coaches, and teammates that I have played for and with over my career in Portland, Edmonton, Philadelphia, and Toronto.

I want to acknowledge all the players in the NLL. People will say that the NLL is a part time commitment, but we know it is all consuming. I will always have the utmost respect for the players in the NLL and have met so many amazing people throughout my career.

I want to thank my parents Peter and Patricia for their unwavering support. I’m lucky to have the best sports parents, always reminding me “it’ll be alright”.

Thanks to my sister Tory for always being there for me, whether it was tips on preparation or words of encouragement, I always appreciated your support and perspective. Thanks to my brother-in-law Drazen Glisic. When anyone would ask how I was able to play into my 40’s, I would just say “Coach Dre”. Thanks for guiding me through the trenches. Beyond all the coaching, you have been a stabilizing presence which I really appreciate.

Thanks to my in laws Eric and Cathy and brother-in-law Mark for all your support and positivity—especially with the kids when I was on the road playing, which gave me peace of mind.

Thanks to my agent Rich Furlong, who became much more than an agent—you have become a close friend and mentor. Thanks for always having my back, Rich.

To my wife Alex, thanks for supporting me to continue to play and pursue this career for so long. I know this has put a lot of stress on you and you’ve had to sacrifice a lot. I’m forever grateful and hope to try reciprocating in some way.

To my kids Sawyer, Henry, and Wyatt for being my inspiration and for always providing perspective. You made the wins much more enjoyable and the losses not sting quite as much. I’m proud to be your dad…for the boys, I’m happy to be your third favourite player behind Audi and Wes!

Playing in the NLL has been extremely challenging, but I’ve enjoyed every moment and wish the league and everyone in it the best of luck!”

After 18 years of professional lacrosse, five of which were spent with the San Diego Seals, Merrill has donned #17 in the purple and gold for the final time. As we celebrate what’s ahead, let’s take a look back at his spectacular career.

During the 2005 NLL Draft, Merrill was picked up by the Portland LumberJax as the #1 overall pick. He found great success within the organization, being named the NLL Rookie of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year in 2006. Three years later, Merrill was traded to the Edmonton Rush (currently known as the Saskatchewan Rush) before transitioning to the Philadelphia Wings in 2011. Merrill was named NLL Transition Player of the Year twice during this period (2009 and 2010) and again in 2017, holding the league record in having received this accolade three times. In 2018, Merrill was traded to the San Diego Seals, where he ultimately finished his career. He was named Captain, and has helped lead his team to multiple playoff berths since the inaugural season. Throughout his 15-year NLL career, Merrill was selected for the NLL All-Pro teams nine times. Additionally, on February 22, 2020, Merrill became the NLL’s loose ball leader with 2,518.

“What can you say about a player like Brodie? He’s simply one of the best to ever do it. The guy revolutionized his position. On top of that, he’s one of the greatest leaders on and off the floor this game has ever seen. Any time I’ve had the opportunity to play with Brod it’s been a learning experience and I’ve enjoyed every single second of it. He will most certainly be missed.” Curtis Dickson

Merrill saw similar success during his career with the MLL/PLL. He was named 2005 Rookie of the Year with the Baltimore Bayhawks, and is a three-time MLL champion (2005, 2008, 209). He was named Defensive Player of the Year six times (2006-2011), and has been named All-Star an impressive 10 times (2005-2011, 2013, 2019, 2021). When the PLL emerged in 2019, Merrill had an impressive run with the Chaos LC, where he was nominated for the Dave Huntley Sportsmanship Award and the Brendan Looney Leadership Award at the end of the year. Merrill ends his PLL career with the Cannons LC.