Tickets FAQ


Get Started

AXS App (recommended)
  • Download the AXS App on your iPhone or Android device
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Login or Sign Up if you don’t have an account yet
Attending the game is easy
  • Simply open the AXS app
  • Be sure you’re logged in
  • Scan your phone to enter the game
  • A Guest Service Representative will print seat locators which confirm your section, row and seats
Conveniently transfer your tickets
  • Log in to your AXS account and click “My Events” in the toolbar
  • Find the game and tickets you want to transfer and click TRANSFER
  • Check the boxes for the tickets you want to transfer.
  • Enter the name & email of the recipient and click NEXT
  • Click CONFIRM TRANSFER and the recipient will immediately receive an email with instructions on how to claim the tickets
Easily list your tickets for sale
  • Log in to your AXS account and click MY EVENTS in the toolbar
  • Find the game and tickets you want to transfer and click SELL
  • Check the boxes for the tickets you want to list for sale.
  • Select your listing preference: price, listing expiration, etc. and click REVIEW LISTING
  • Click CONFIRM LISTING and your tickets will be listed for sale

AXS Digital Ticketing

  • Transfer, sell and manage your tickets from anywhere, on the AXS App or online
  • Quick and easy entry into Pechanga Arena by scanning your AXS App
  • No more paper tickets to forget or misplace


  • Instantly transfer tickets to anyone, using just their name and email
  • Easily track your Seals tickets and transfer requests


  • Eliminates lost, stolen, duplicate, or counterfeit tickets
  • Your account information remains protected


Why are the San Diego Seals using digital tickets?

We’ve listened to you! From our Season Ticket Members to the one-game per year fan, the feedback you have provided expressed your desire to manage your tickets on your mobile device. AXS provides this benefit while also helping to eliminate fraudulent tickets and reduce paper waste.

What is MyAccount?

San Diego Seals Season Ticket Members and ticket holders can transfer, resell and manage their tickets in MyAccount.

What is AXS Ticketing?

AXS Ticketing is an ID-based digital ticketing system that allows you to enter an event through your AXS App. It also gives you the ability to transfer your tickets to anyone at any time and sell seats seamlessly via the AXS Marketplace.

Are digital tickets secure?

AXS Tickets are extremely secure. Your tickets will only be associated with your account. Unless you transfer or resell your tickets, only you can access them. By reducing paper tickets, we are also reducing the possibility of stolen, lost and fraudulent tickets.

How do I receive payment when I resell my tickets?

If you resell your tickets through AXS, you’ll enroll a checking or savings account. Upon sale of your tickets, you’ll receive a credit to your bank account.

How much do I receive when I resell my tickets?

When listing your tickets, you can set the price. You’ll see your exact payout when verifying your listing.

What if I want to enter the building and my guest hasn’t arrived?

If you have two tickets on your AXS account and want to enter before your guest arrives, simply transfer one of the tickets to them via the AXS App prior to the game. They can quickly accept the ticket on their mobile device and enter the building using the AXS App when they get to the game.

What happens if my AXS app doesn't work and I can't get into the gate?

If you have issues with the app, or any issues at all entering the arena, please visit the Pechanga Arena Box office for resolution.

Arena Information

Learn more about visiting and navigating the arena.